We know about the needs of our northern clients (heating, doble glazed windows, damp-proof-courses, air chamber roofs, ...) and have an idea of their whishes and lifestyle.

And we can talk in the same language, which is very important, especially for legal things, contracts and descriptions! Those should be in your language.

Whilst studying our website-offers you will notice that our price level - far far away from the so called 'golden mile' of Marbella - is still 'reasonable' and that we have something for everybody. So you will find lovely building plots for less than 20.000 Euro and totally finished holiday homes with land, electricity and water - ready to move in - for less than 130.000 Euro.

You see, here with us you still get something for your money and you can realize

But not only the price is important! Please check the quality of our constructions and their nice looking finishing! The spanish people say: "Barato sale caro!" = "Cheap will end up expensive!" Quality material and good labour have here in Spain their prices as well.

We are pleased to have even spanish customers, a conclusive proof for the good proportion of our creditable performance and our prices.

And another very important thing is the ownership-situation: All our properties are registered in our own name and have their legal papers already. Without exception we only make direct sales 'from us to you' and not third party mediation sales with all those uncertaincies. So we can give you all the guarantee to get your ownership as soon as possible without having any problems.

We really would like to show you our properties - just building plots as well as houses, in construction or totally finished - and we will take all the necessary time personally for you to find your dream house with us here in our Axarquia.

In this presentation you will find a wide selection of lovely properties. If you have special ideas regarding your dream home please let us talk about those; may be we have something for you which not has been published yet.