First we have been almost the only foreigners here in the camposite, the first experience for the Campesinos with those 'strange people', but for sure an interesting new start and very interesting for both sides. From the first moment on they accepted us, they bid us welcome and - it is really so stupid no beeing able to talk with your friends! - they started to teach us Spanish (their spanish which definitely is not 'Catalan'). So we took part of their life and got a lot of unique and sometimes very familiar impressions. With this background of personal relation- and friendship we developped our business actions in the typical spanish way "poco por poco" as a small family company with a big family around. Meanwhile a lot of the people in the area are confiding in our well known experience in real estate business and are setting high value on the opinion of 'the Aleman de la Fogarate'. They ask our advice when they intend to sell or to buy a property, land or house. So mostly we are the first getting knowledge of almost everything what is coming on the market.

After more than ten years now we are still living in/on our 'Finca Fogarate', happy and gratified and are running our business as ...

ImmoBida - Elke & Heiko Bida, S.L., Inmobiliaria & Constructora

For our customers we personally take our time to perform still 'handmade' their desires and dreams. We are not fixed on business hours; when somebody needs us, we are there, during and after the 'normal' hours, that doesn't matter. All day long we are on the road with our clients or to control our construction sites. So our car is our subsidiary office, mobile phones make us flexible and effective.

To keep our prices low we try to cut down all unnecessary costs. We decline high representation expenses, therefore you will not find us in one of those 'first and expensive addresses' at the Mainsquare-Plaza. We are running our business from our Finca Fogarate in the camposite, where we live in the middle of our properties and clients.

Here you'll find us anytime, before and after the sale.

Our heart is still beating for old cortijos - they have so much charme! - to reconstruct and renovate those, to bring back in the old atmosphere and fill them with life again. But unfortunately in our area there are not too many left and so we have to construct new buildings - nevertheless very often in the old style - with new materials and modern tecnics.