Villas directly below the Arabian castle 'Bentomiz', Arenas/Algarrobo

Well, our ancestors really did know where it was nice to live: The Arabian Castle 'Bentomiz' was founded during the Phoenician and Greek times and even the Romans mentioned it already.

With the Moorish people the 'Bentomiz' castle was developped into a real palace. 1487 it had been handed over into the hands of the Christian legions which saved the building and especially the mosque to be destroyed.

1569 'Bentomiz' was the center of the rebellion of Malay Mohammed Aben Humaya. During the strike down of this the castle got heavy destructions, the huge doors were smashed, walls knocked down and the towers set on fire and so the castle started to go down. It still gave protection to the coastal and hilly region but it became more and more dilapidated and the people gave it up and left it.

Today you still can see some good preserved rests of the castle, especially the massive north wing with its pinnacles and loopholes.

The ground-plan of the entrance area - guarded by two huge towers - can be seen very well, as well as the underground storagerooms, the inner castle and the "Alcabar", the big walled in level area in the southern part with its four towers.