"Carrizal Toto" Arenas/Algarrobo / Burg Bentomiz
235.200 Euro

Our andalusian home for the big family or just for you both with lots of friends and guests - if you like to have them here in the sun with you.
About 134 m2 constructed area, 40 m2 lounge/dining room (with sliding doors of 3,5 meters width to open the living area totally into the garden), three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen and utilityroom, open plan and pergola covered terracotta terraces in front, ...    Do you need more ???

And if you say "YES", well, there is ample level space around the house to enlarge it, or to construct a swimming pool, a garage, carport, a nice garden, ... Or what do you think about a sauna, a whirlpool, wellness or fitness area right below the sun or to use this with warm Andalusian moonshine.

Inclinated ceilings rustic wooden beams (whole round pine timber trunks) in the lounge and diningroom, wooden beams on the pergola terraces and the wood designed windows and doors are giving such a lovely charme to this ample house. It is fitted with underfloor heating and additionally with a chimney on the roof, just in case that you like to have some open visible fire in your home as well which gives you the cosy feeling at cooler nights in wintertime.