"Rio Torrox" Competa-Torrox
58.000 EURO
A lovely spot right above a river with water running all year around. You'll find your 'own' familiar bath area just 10 meters below your terrace in the middle of a jungle of huge reed.

Old unique olive trees are surrounding the property, avocado plantations on the other riverside. The existing 'Caseron en Ruinas', an old water driven olive mill of about 120 m2 - partly with 2 storeys - should be build up and restored in the authentic charming old Andalusian style, but with modern materials and tecnics.

A cavern just behind the building has been used as an excellent wine storage room. Lovely terraces and the unique manner of this old construction with it's 60 cm thick walls, with buildin niches and wardrobes, doors, ... needs to be maintained and rebuildt. The building needs some structural buildups and after that it is a challenge for a craftsman or somebody who likes to realize his own ideas with his own hands.

About 2.500 m2 of land around the house could easily be leveled more and used for extensions of the existing building, may be with a patio or a separate building connected with a porche, a swimmingpool, ...