Buildingplots Competa

View to Competa

"La Loma"
(3.800 m2); hill top position; olives; a ruin; mountain/sea views
Ca. 3.800 m2
136.500 EURO
(640 m2); southwest facing plot on a hill, pine and olive trees, seaview,
walking distance to the village
Ca. 640 m2
59.600 EURO
"Pinos Pepin, rustico"
(1.096 m2);old pine trees; seaview; footdistance to village
Ca. 1.200 m2
59.500 EURO
"Resinera Jardin"
lovely flat spot with a small cottage (15 m2) to be renovated; old walnut and fruit trees, Bogainvilleas, 2 minutes footpath to Competa; sea- and mountains views; excellent location!
2.044 m2
75.000 Euro