Buildingplots Canillas de Aceituno
"Mulo Lecho"
wine + olive trees, directly above a creek
Ca. 3.713 m2
10.500 EURO
"Mulo Viña"
same situation as above ("Mulo Lecho")
3.800 m2
10.500 EURO
"Mulo Balneario"
1.140 m2
separate parcela asides and access to "Mulo Lecho".
As well a nice flat area for a garage or timber house
1.140 m2
10.500 Euro
"Mulo Lecho" and "Mulo Balneario"
both together
15.000 EURO
"Mulo Lecho" + "Mulo Balneario" + "Mulo Viña"
all together
8.500 m2
19.500 Euro